Key Feature To look for in Bluebird stump grinder teeth

Key Feature To look for in Bluebird stump grinder teeth

When it comes to replacing your Bluebird stump grinder teeth, there are a few things you need to consider seriously. First, the quality of the teeth matters a lot. If you fail to get the right quality, then you may as well forget about getting peak performance from your machine. But there are key factors that define the quality of stump grinder teeth. We have rounded up some of the key features that you should look out for in Bluebird stump grinder teeth:

Carbide Tip

One of the major features that you need to look out for is the quality of the tip. Teeth tip is the main cutting parts of the teeth that do the actual cutting work. So, you need to have the resilient material that can handle even the most hardened wood. Carbide has proven to one of the most reputable materials for the tips due to incredible properties such as resistance to wear and tear. The material also possesses high impact resistance properties and thus making it great any type of stump grinding.

Steel Body

There are various types of material used of the making of teeth body but we steel, and its alloys are highly recommended. Since most of the pressure applied at the tip, you need a body that can absorb that pressure off from the tip. Steel is the best choice the highest grade of steel is highly recommended. Without a rigid tooth body, the tip is likely to break off. It is also important to note that steel has good heat absorbing properties and thus it can absorb heat produced at the tip.

Brazing Properties

How strong is the joint between the carbide tip and the steel body? This is a crucial question that you need to get answers to. If Bluebird stump grinder teeth are designed large-scale commercial needs, then you need to consider the brazing properties.  Brazing is simply the welding technique that is used in the joining the carbide tip and steel body.  It is important to note that during the grinding process, the tip is exposed to high temperatures. That is why brazing properties of the teeth area crucial factor to consider while shopping.

Age of the Teeth

For those who may find it economical to go for the second-hand teeth, check how long they have been used. Don’t go for teeth that have been used for an extended period since you may not produce the expected result.