4 Technology That Enhance Auger Bit Teeth Strength and Hardness

4 Technology That Enhance Auger Bit Teeth Strength and Hardness

Drilling is one of the challenging machine activities. If you are doing foundation drilling or sinking boreholes, then you do understand what I mean by that statement. Most of the times, the grounds can be extremely difficult to work on especially when you hit the rocky soil. That is why getting the right auger bit teeth is very crucial in drilling.

One of the key features that you need to look out for in auger bit teeth is hardness and strength of tools. However, it is very difficult to discern that by just looking at the tools. What you need is to look at some of the key manufacturing technologies that give teeth strength and absolutely hardness. Here are some of the 4 technologies you need to look out for.


Hardfacing is one of the technologies that most industrial tools producers are using today. It is a technique that enables the manufacturer to coat tools with a hard metal to improve performance and productivity. The most widely used materials for hardfacing are the highest grades of tungsten carbides. There are many types of tungsten carbide such as chromium carbide overlay. The technology improves the hardness and strength of auger bit teeth to make them more productive.

Brazing Tungsten Carbide

The use of carbide brazing technology to join the tungsten carbide tip to the steel part is another popular technique. That is because the brazing tungsten carbide forms a very strong joint that can withstand demanding conditions. That is why it is popular within the auger bit teeth producers. The joint can withstand high pressure and temperature without breaking. That is why it is one of the technologies that you need to look for in auger bit teeth.

Hot and Cold Forging

Forging is another technology that you should check in auger bit teeth. It is a process of manufacturing where the work piece is heated or cooled to crystallization point. At this point, all you need is to deform the work piece/metal to assume the required shape. This technique, especially the hot forging is popular in the industry because it produces tools with high strength and hardness. The modern forging uses high tech machine that produces incredible properties.

Heat Treatment

Heat treatment is a hardening a technology that has been used for decades now. It is a technique by which auger bit teeth are heated to a certain temperature to improve their hardness and strength. But it has changed over the years as the technology advances. The type of heat treatment we do today has improved a lot where today, there are special equipment for heat treatment.

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