Check Out These Seppi Mulcher Parts While Buying a Refurbished Model

Check Out These Seppi Mulcher Parts While Buying a Refurbished Model

Although buying a brand new Seppi mulcher would be the most recommended thing, some buyers may fail to raise the huge money, and thus opt for refurbished ones. Anyway, there is no much difference between the two as long as the refurbishment was done properly. But if you are buying a refurbished model, there are critical parts that you need to look out for. Otherwise, you might end up buying a machine that will never meet your expectations. Here are some of the key Seppi mulcher parts that you need check out while buying a refurbished model:

Check the Teeth

This is one of the most important parts one any mulching machines. By the virtual of being the main cutting parts, they are critical, and that’s why you need to check their condition. If you are buying from the Seppi, this may not be an issue, but if it is a dealer that you are dealing with, then you need to have the teeth checked. There are different areas of the teeth that you should focus on. First, you need to check if they are new or not. The rule of the thumb while buying refurbished model is that all wear parts should be replaced.

If they are new, the type and quality of teeth that have been used is an essential factor. If they are new, do they meet the quality standard? The best teeth should be carbide (tungsten carbide) tipped at least. The body should be constructed from construed from the highest grade of steel. You may also need to look at the type of blazing that is used.

The condition of The Teeth Holder

This is another Seppi mulcher part that you need to check out. The condition of the teeth holder is an important factor to consider. This is the part that holds the tooth, and thus it should be in a condition to provide a firm grip even in demanding conditions. You may have the best teeth fitted on the mulcher attachment, but if the holder condition is wanting, then you may never get to enjoy your mulching machine for long. You, therefore, need to ensure that the teeth holders are also newly replaced for you to enjoy you Seppi mulcher for long.

Mulcher Belts

Mulcher belts transfer energy from different parts of the machine. If they wear off, the amount of energy transferred is reduced thus the performance of the machine. For any refurbished Seppi mulcher, they should be new.

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