Crucial Features of Auger Teeth Replacement

Crucial Features of Auger Teeth Replacement

If you are looking forward to making auger teeth replacement, it is important to have in mind crucial features that make good teeth. With the market becoming more and more saturated with wear parts, the problem of picking the right quality has become very prevalent. But you can avoid losing money to counterfeits and inferior products by ensuring that you’ve selected the right features. Here are some of the critical features that can help identify good auger teeth replacement.

Tungsten Carbide for the Shank

Due to the harsh nature of the drilling works, it is important to ensure that you’ve invested in auger teeth that can withstand high heat and abrasion. To achieve that, you must ensure that the quality of the material used for the auger tooth tip is the best that you can get in the market. That is why tungsten carbide material is highly recommended for auger teeth replacement. Carbide tip ensures greater hardness for better cutting performance.

Steel Body

Apart from having a better cutting tip, the auger teeth replacement you are buying should have the hardness and toughness that can withstand demanding conditions. That is why quality steel is highly recommended for the tooth body. However, there are various types of steel in the market. Go for forged steel or high-quality carbon alloy steel is the most recommended. These are types of materials that have been taken through special heat treatment and hardening to achieve optimum hardness. They also provide and maintain the necessary ductility which is critical for a drilling hard conditions.

Quality Braze

The auger teeth replacement must have a properly executed brazing process to secure the carbide tip. The combination of the carbide tip and steel allow must be done firmly, and that is why quality braze recommended for the making of the joint. Braze provides a very powerful joint that can withstand high pressured subjected to the teeth and also massive heat generated at the tip of the auger teeth while drilling. Therefore, don’t go for any drilling but go for the best quality in the market.

Quality Control

It is important to ensure that proper quality control measures have been observed during the entire production process of the auger teeth. That is critical to ensure that you are getting the highest quality of teeth. The Best way to guarantee quality control is by buying from a reputable manufacturer. Make sure that the producer can provide high-quality auger teeth.

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