Do’s and Don’ts When Using Rayco Stump Grinding Teeth

Do’s and Don’ts When Using Rayco Stump Grinding Teeth

Rayco Stump Grinders are some of the most reputable companies that you can find in the market. The woodcutters are extremely powerful, and their output is impressive. But just like any other stump grinder machine, you need to be very careful about how you use these machines. These teeth are very sensitive and they affect the entire performance of the machine if not properly used. But can you do an operator to help maintain Rayco stump grinding teeth in good condition? Here the key do’s and don’ts while using stump grinding teeth:


Regular check up

Do not wait until the next maintenance so that you can have the stump grinder teeth checked. The best thing is to have you machine teeth checked regularly. You can do this by having the teeth checked after every task. That will enable you to identify problems before they become unrepairable.

Make replacement when necessary

Although repairs are less expensive, sometime replacement could be the only way to keep your machine working at peak performance. Sometimes, the tooth could be worn out beyond repair. Make sure that you have replaced it with a quality one to ensure continued performance of the machine.

Operate Carefully

If you want to keep you Rayco stump grinding teeth in good condition for long, then you must operate the machine carefully. Make sure that you are operating it at the right speed. Moderate speed is the most recommended. Do operate alone if you are an armature.


Avoid Rocky surfaces

One of the major causes of the breaking of stump grinder teeth is the rocky surfaces. These teeth are meant for cutting wood, and anything that is harder than that will definitely break the teeth.  The most affected part is usually the carbide tip of the teeth. So, make sure that you’ve cleared the surface before starting with grinding work. Make sure that you have removed all the stones and metal piece that could be present around the stump.

Avoid Speeding

It will not do anything grounding at a very high speed. You may be looking to finish the task quickly, but you will end up destroying your machine. High speed exposes the teeth to high temperatures that could weaken the joint between the steel body and the carbide teeth. High speed also overworks the machine and could significantly increase wear and tear.

These are the main does and don’ts that will help you keep your Rayco stump grinding teeth.

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