How Quality Auger Teeth Replacement Impacts On Your Drilling Machine

How Quality Auger Teeth Replacement Impacts On Your Drilling Machine

When you make new auger teeth replacement, various expectations come with it. However the outcome could vary depending on various factors surrounding the replacement process and the replaced tools. However, you can easily tell the quality of the auger cutter tools depending on the impact they have on the drilling equipment.

However, the impact of auger teeth on a drilling machine could greatly be determined by a number of factors. First is the size of the machine they are installed on and the type of the soil they are used on. But there are general results that should common to all. Here are some of the impacts that quality auger teeth should have on your drilling equipment.

High Performance

The first thing that you should experience is an improved performance compared to what the machine was doing prior to replacement. Once the machine teeth have become dull and blunt, it becomes very difficult to record a convincing performance. But with the new teeth replacement, the performance of the drilling equipment should increase significantly. Therefore, high performance should be the first impact that operators should experience upon making auger teeth replacement–  if the teeth are the best quality.

Improved Productivity

One of the major outcomes that any operator looks for is the level of productivity. How deep can the auger go in unit time? How many pole holes can the auger drill in a unit time? These are the questions that you need to ask yourself. But when the teeth become dull and blunt, the depth that an auger can go is quite small even with an overworked machine.  But when you carry out auger teeth replacement, the level of productivity should improve significantly. That is because the new teeth can cut better and with less pressure. The depth that the auger can go in unit time is highly increased and thus improving the productivity of the drilling equipment.

Low Fuel Consumption

Another impact of quality auger teeth on the drilling equipment is the reduced fuel consumption. You will notice that by operating with poor teeth, the machine consumes more fuel to produce extra power to compensate for what the teeth cannot provide. But with quality auger teeth replacement, your machine will need less power for the same task thus reducing the quantity of fuel consumed.

These are some of the major impacts that quality auger teeth replacement has on any drilling equipment. In addition, the operation cost is also significantly reduced.

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