Looking for Belltec auger Teeth Replacement? Look Out For These Features

Looking for Belltec auger Teeth Replacement? Look Out For These Features

If your Belltec auger needs teeth replacement, know that you have an opportunity to give your machine a new life. The teeth that you will be bringing will in a great way determine whether the level of the productivity of your Belltec auger or not. For any operator, you should expect a replacement to enhance the performance of the equipment.  However, not every auger teeth replacement would achieve that due to the infiltration of fake and counterfeit products. Therefore, you need to be very cautious features that make great auger teeth. If you are looking for Belltec auger teeth replacement, here are some of the key features to look out for:

Check the Construction Material

There has been a lot of misconception that quality and the brand but they are not the same. That is something that most people, especially the newbies make while shopping for the first time. Note that one company could have different sets of products from different materials. For that reason, it is therefore important to ensure that you have confirmed the type of material that has been used for the construction. For premium quality Belltec auger teeth replacement, you need premium grade materials to have been used. Tungsten tipped teeth and steel body are the recommended materials for auger teeth. Don’t invest in anything less of that.

How compatible are the Teeth

For those operating a range of auger attachment from different brands, it is important to include the compatibility feature in the shopping specs and features. But why is that important? First, you need to consider the fact that you may need to repair a faulty attachment by cannibalizing the other. That is why it is important to ensure that the kind of Belltec auger teeth you are investing is compatible with various reputable brands. That will save you a lot of money in case you need a new tooth for replacement purposes.

Life Expectancy

Depending on the technology that has been used and the quality of the materials, manufacturers are able to estimate the life expectancy of the auger bit. So different bits could have a different life expectancy. That is why it is important to ensure that you have checked the expected lifespan of the Belltec auger teeth. That is the only way that you be assured of value for money. The longer the lifespan the better the auger part and vice versa. However, you must ensure that the auger parts are being used correctly.

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