Why Carbide Auger Tips Are Recommended

Why Carbide Auger Tips Are Recommended

Whether you’re doing foundation drilling or poling, the quality of the drilling wear parts is critical to the performance of the equipment. For auger attachment to produce impressive results, you must have the best quality cutting teeth or bits. But what determines the quality of an auger tip? Well, the material used for the construction is the key determinant of how powerful the auger tip will be.

Carbide is the most recommended material when it comes to the auger tip. The material is highly preferred due to its numerous benefits it has over the alternative material. Here are some of the reasons why carbide is recommended for auger teeth tips:

Resistant to Wear and Abrasion

The key reasons why carbide and more so tungsten carbide material is the most recommended material for the tip construction are these two properties. By being wear and abrasion resistant means that the tip will be less affected by wear and tear. Wear and abrasion are two major things that damage auger teeth and contribute to high cost of operation. So unlike the other material, carbide tipped auger bit will take some time before it can become blunt and dull. Working with such kind of teeth give you time to work for a more extended period without worrying the machine will break down or reduce its performance.

Low Cost of Maintenance

One of the main problems that most contractors and domestic auger users have to deal with is the high cost of maintenance.  Due to the nature of the drilling work, it is very hard to reduce the cost coming from wearing of the tools. With some operators relying on the cast steel, the rate of wear and tear can be overwhelming.  However, change of material used for the construction of the auger can make a huge difference. Tungsten carbide has been the solution to many due to wear resistant properties. Working with carbide tipped auger will see your cost of operation reduce significantly.

Incredible Useful Life

How long the auger wear part will serve you till a replacement is required is an essential factor to consider as well. You need drilling that will take you some time to require a replacement. The lifespan of carbide tipped material auger bits, and auger teeth are incredible. With less wear and tear, it simply means that you can enjoy the auger bit for long. That also means value for money.

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