Why Ground Conditions Matters While Selecting Auger Teeth

Why Ground Conditions Matters While Selecting Auger Teeth

When it comes to selecting auger teeth for your equipment, there are a few factors that you must consider to get the best out of your drilling machine. Among the most important things that you must take into account is the ground condition. But why the ground condition matters? Well, there are various reasons why you need to consider factor while working. Check out the following:

Teeth wear

Do you know that the biggest cause of teeth wear is the condition of the ground? Well, if you didn’t that is the truth. If the soil is abrasive, compact or rocky, then you will definitely have a problem with auger teeth wearing out. That will happen if you buy the wrong teeth for the work. For instance, if you buy teeth that are carbide tipped for poling only to find out that the ground rock and abrasive, then you will definitely have a problem of wear and abrasion. In such cases, cutter teeth are wearing out too fast, and that will significantly increase the cost of maintenance and operations. That is one of the reasons why ground conditions should matter.

Teeth longevity

How long will your auger teeth serve you? The lifespan of the teeth greatly depends on the condition they are exposed to. For instance, if you have the right auger teeth for the ground condition you are working in, then they will last for the expected period or more. But if you have wrong teeth, the lifespan of the teeth and the entire machine is likely to be reduced significantly. For instance, we have teeth designed for soft or sandy soil. If such teeth are exposed to rocky and compact soils, their lifespan will be reduced significantly. Therefore, you need to check the ground condition to ensure that the lifespan is maintained by using the right teeth.

Performance and production

The performance and output of the auger attachment are highly dependent upon the use of proper teeth and ground condition. You need to have the right teeth for your machine to hit the peak performance. If you use wrong teeth, their cutting effectiveness will be reduced. The result is a poor performance which will then lead to decreased productivity of the machine. Therefore, for you auger machine to hit maximum performance and productivity, you need to check the ground condition first. That’s the third but not the last reason why it is necessary to ground condition.

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