Why You Should Avoid Faulty Auger Bit Teeth

Why You Should Avoid Faulty Auger Bit Teeth

Whether you are drilling foundation or poling, the condition of the auger bit teeth is critical to realize a peak performance. Over the period of operation, the condition of the teeth will deteriorate in sharpness. Although some operators would opt to push their drilling equipment even when the teeth condition is that good, it is not recommended. What most operators fail to understand is the shortcoming that they expose themselves to. In this article, we will discuss some of the major reasons why you should avoid faulty auger bit teeth.

Reduced Performance

Auger bit teeth are main cutting teeth, and thus they are critical in determining the overall performance of the machine. If your teeth become dull and blunt, then the performance of the auger is greatly affected.  The fact that the teeth cannot beak the soil as effective as it was while in good condition means that the level of output will be reduced significantly. If you are a commercial operator, reduced performance will translate to less income and possible losses. Therefore, you should have auger bit replacement teeth to maintain peak performance.

Poor Efficiency

It may appear technical, but efficiency is something that any auger operator should take seriously at all times. When the machine is said to have poor efficiency, it simply means it is not being utilized. In such cases, the output is usually to low compared to the input. For instance, the machine will start consuming more fuels than before, and yet the level of output is still low. This will result in diminishing levels of profits for commercial operators and losses.

Increased Maintenance cost

The cost of maintenance and repair is one of the major problems with industrial machines. But it can at the same time increase tremendously if the machine is not properly maintained. If the condition of the teeth is wanting, the machine efficiency will start dropping, and that will trigger higher rate wear in the in tire machine. So you will have the teeth, teeth holder and the prime driver working harder and thus a higher rate of wear and tear.

Reduced auger Lifespan

With a high rate of wear for the whole system and reduced efficiency, the results will be a reduced lifespan of the machine. So if you continue working with already worn out auger bit teeth, know that you are killing your machine slowly. That is the reason why you should have auger bit replacement teeth at stand always for proper running of the machine.

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